Research Outline

DNATIX.COM Due Diligence


The primary goal is to perform due diligence on the founders of Is there anything important or noteworthy about them, especially when it concerns making an investment in the company.

Early Findings


  • The company has three co-founders: Ofer A. Lidsky, Tal Sines, Ichak Adizes.
  • Sines and Lidsky have been friends since 1985.
  • The aim of this company is to flip the genetic industry on it's head.
  • In 2018, DNAtix showed that they can compress the DNA sequence up to 99% of its original size.
  • The company was listed in The Silicon Review for 2018 as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies.
  • There haven't been any noticable complaints about or against the company as of 08/13/19.
  • The company's Facebook page is here: however, other social media accounts for the founders aside from LinkedIn were not found.

Ofer A. Lidsky

  • On the DNAtix website Lidsky is described as an expert in cybersecurity and cloud storage as well as an experienced entrepreneur in "Software Development, Cybersecurity, and Digital Health."
  • The following is Lidsky's LinkedIn profile.
  • He is the founder and CEO of TerraSafe Ltd and has been working in the computer industry for 30 years.
  • Lidsky is also the CEO of Excellent Brain. He has one published resource on Research Gate.
  • This video interview shows Lidsky's personality and thought process.

Tal Sines

  • Sines is a molecular biology expert and a patent attorney. He has "worked as IP Director at T3 at the Technion Research and Development Foundation and at Hadassah Ein Kerem and Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospitals."
  • His LinkedIn profile can be found here.
  • Crunchbase reports that DNAtrix is the only company Sines has founded.
  • Sines has published five medical research papers/reports.

Ichak Adizes

Competitors to DNATIX

Competitors of DNATix include the following:
  • Shivom
  • Luna DNA
  • Genecoin
  • DNAnexus
  • Liason
  • Medelinked
  • Orion Health
  • Nebula Genomics