To know more abour including the company's goals, key leaders, revenue/funding, customers, products, subscription terms, markets, clients, and pricing. The focus is on the company's pricing for Pages and Locators.

Early Findings


  • Founded in 2012,'s main mission and goal is to help healthcare organizations "deliver a better customer experience at every step of the digital patient journey."
  • The company claims it introduces a modern, efficient, and value-based customer experience mindset to organizations.
  • Headquartered in New York City, has the "only offering in the industry that seamlessly integrates web-wide listings management, reputation insights, universal online scheduling, patient communications and provider data warehousing."
  • Through its powerful and seamless customer experience platform - which are enhanced by more than 50 integrations with the most well-know healthcare directories, social media platforms, EHR/PM systems, and search engines - it is able to boost the digital presence and credibility of thousands of healthcare organizations thus increasing patient trust.
  • Its marketing automation platform allows customers to search for top health professionals and doctors.
  • Although its head office is in NYC, also has offices in Rosario, Atlanta, and Cupertino (California).


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