D2C Healthcare: Doctor Sentiments


To understand doctor sentiment around Direct-to-Consumer healthcare companies to determine how doctors are responding to at-home health tests.

Early Findings


  • This market brings in approximately $700B in sales globally.
  • Patients are slowly becoming consumers.
  • One major enabler is telemedicine.
  • 41% of millennials see doctors as the primary source for healthcare information while 68% of the older generation feel that way.
  • The United States was the first in the developed world that put up advertising for drugs/prescriptions. Other countries like Canada were strongly against it.
  • One strong selling point for DTC is that the consumer/patient is well-informed on the conditions that one is going through. A well-informed/knowledgeable patient is a good thing.
  • This has resulted in a well-informed society on common illnesses and symptoms. Additionally, patients are asked intelligent questions.
  • In the US, $4.5 billion is spent advertising directly to patients as $24 billion is directed to doctors.
  • 65% of physicians believe that DTC ads confuse consumers about the risk associated with taking certain medication.
  • 75% believe that these ads misrepresent the products.

Proposed next steps:

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