Research Outline

Cat Ownership


To develop an understanding of the relationship between cat owners and vets by researching about the nature of cat ownership around the world and whether/how owners take care of their cats by taking them to the vet.

Early Findings

Cat Ownership Around the World

  • A survey in Chile revealed that 49.9% of the respondents had at least one cat. The average number of cats per household was 2.2.
  • Russia has the highest number of cat owners in the world at 59%.
  • In the U. S., cat owners account for 43% while in the UK, they account for 32%.
  • Cats are less common in Asia. Japan and China have ownerships of 16% each.
  • South Korea has the least cat ownership at 9%.
  • The cat ownership populations in the following countries are:
  • Women are more likely to live with a cat (25% of men versus 22% of men have a cat).

Summary of Early Findings

  • Our first hour of research focused on collecting different statistics surrounding cat ownership around the world and determining whether all the requested information was available, which it is.
  • As requested, our geographical focus was global.
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