GAP Marketing Efforts; Evaluation


To gain a better understanding of Gap, Inc's marketing initiatives to find how the brand can drive growth; to get a list of recent innovative marketing and customer engagement initiatives from the brand. This research will be used for account planning.

Early Findings

Our first round of research unveiled the following information:

GAP Inc. Innovative Marketing Efforts

Emotional Marketing

  • The company employs several different types of marketing strategies for approaching its target audience. From influencer marketing to social media and digital marketing approaches, the parent company of GAP and Old Navvy has tried it all.
  • One of the most recent marketing initiatives from the brand was the cross channel holiday campaign; it was particularly focused on engaging their target audience with strong storytelling. The primary motive of the campaign was to build an emotional connection with their customer group. "The campaign tells the heart-tugging story of a mother and son's relationship over the years, with his Gap hoodie as a connecting thread."
  • "Focusing on strong storytelling could help the brand appeal to the emotional side of consumers at a time when physical retail is facing a number of challenges; parent company Gap Inc. reported a 2% decrease in Q2 sales, hitting $4 billion, and has seen income trend downwards over the last couple of seasons."

Personalized Marketing

  • Gap Inc. has also innovated with its mainstream marketing strategies; most recently, it opened up about its personalized marketing approach.
  • "To power its data-driven approach to personalized marketing, Gap. Inc built a sophisticated digital marketing tech stack."
  • "The centerpiece of their efforts is a proprietary customer data platform (CDP), which enables them to create a unified view of the customer that can be used for marketing."
  • A business Insider article recently stated the shortcoming of the GAP stores, which include lack of variety; the product offerings are not diverse. Gap is also prioritizing on identifying innovative denim products. As per the Business Insider article, "Gap will need to make significant changes to stay relevant."

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