Research Outline

Graphic Design Projects - Marketplaces


To understand the graphic design marketplace by identifying which products can be sold on these platforms according to the cost of production and potential earnings to assess new opportunities in the market.

Early Findings

  • According to the marketplace Template Monster, one of the most popular graphic design products are fonts and icon fonts. These are low-effort, low-earnings products that could be high-earning items when sold in large quantities.
  • Packaging design is a product that can be offered on marketplaces. It is a low-effort high-reward product as once an initial template is performed, it can be used and adapted for numerous items from a same brand.
  • While certificates are lower on the list provided by Template Monster, they are high enough to be considered a potential product to consider. These are low-effort high-earning items considering the high demand for them.
  • Photo editing is another product that can be offered on a market place. Software such as Photoshop is required and editing takes time. Depending on the requirements of the client this can be a low-effort low reward product or a high-effort high-reward one.
  • Apparel design for starting brands can be offered through a marketplace. It requires the use of specialized software, making it a medium-effort high-reward product.
  • According to Creative Design, booklet mockup templates are demanded by companies and brands wanting to refresh their image. As templates, booklets could be considered a high effort, high-earning item.
  • Website templates can be sold on marketplaces as well. However, these are high-effort and high-reward products as they require the use of advanced software and even coding skills might be needed.
  • Mobile app templates can also be sold on market places. Similarly to website templates, these are high-effort high-reward products as they require time and specialized software for development.

Summary of Findings

  • We used this initial hour to assess the availability of the required information. While we were able to identify different graphic design products, the majority of them are high-effort high-reward assets. We have provided a list of eight products that range from low-effort low-earnings to high-effort-high earnings, selecting those less complex when possible.
  • We were unable to identify more low-effort high-earnings graphic design products than those presented on these initial findings. As most products require specialized software, it is unlikely that more products meeting these criteria can be found.