Domestic train market - Spain


To understand the domestic passenger train industry in Spain.

Early Findings

  • Mafex is the Spanish Railway Association. However, the website contains a list of all members which is not just train operators. Furthermore, its market reports are not publicly available.
  • Renfe Operadora is the state-owned primary rail operator. In 2018, Renfe reported 33.7 million passengerswith a €2.5 billion net turnover. However, this number may include passengers riding to Renfe's limited international destinations in Portugal and France.
  • An estimation 1.5 million passengers commute each day in Spain via train.
  • Other Spanish train companies include Euskotren, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana and Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallora. These are all extremely regional/local operators, primarily due to the fact that Spain actually operates different gauges.
  • Euskotren's 2017 revenue was €85.8 million. Passenger numbers are not published in their annual report.
  • FCG states that they saw 87.2 million passengers on its metropolitan lines and 207,000 on its Línia Lleida.
  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research showed that the market size for the domestic passenger railway industry in Spain would need to be triangulated. We propose computing this figure (in both $s and passenger numbers) using information about how Spain compares to the rest of Europe, or other suitable proxies. Then we use this to find or compute the market share of each railway company in Spain, using their annual revenues. Finally, we will also conduct an analysis of forecasts for growth for the Spanish passenger train industry.