Research Outline

Donations and Corporate Sponsorships


To find research that supports the position that people and corporations are more likely to donate to causes that are personal or they have a memory associated with.

Early Findings

Yougov Survey 2019

  • This survey was run online by Yougov between November 15-18, 2019 and included a sample size of 1,242 adults, including 1,036 charity donors.
  • The survey found that having a personal connection with the cause represented a major reason for going to charity.
  • 51% of American respondents to the survey claimed that they donated because they felt a personal connection to the cause.

Worldvision Survey 2016

  • Charity Worldvision commissioned Harris Poll to conduct an online survey in December 5-7, 2016 with a sample of 2,062 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.
  • The survey found that passion and personal connection were major reasons given by donors for their willingness to help charities.
  • 52% of American respondents to the survey revealed that they choose to donate to charities that support a cause they are passionate about, and 35% said that they would choose a charity they have a current personal connection to.

Network for Good Survey 2020

  • Network for Good conducted a survey with a sample of 3,000 donors to find out what inspired them to give.
  • Amongst the top 8 reasons for donating that were revealed by the results of the survey, two of them involve a personal connection.
  • It includes either knowing someone who benefited from the charity's work or knowing someone who volunteers or is on the board of that charity.

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