Research Outline

Large Corporations Donation Trends


To find current trends about corporate giving in the U.S.

Early Findings

Below are examples of current giving trends for large corporations:

1) Trend 1: Year-long Giving Campaigns

  • Research has shown that 85% of the largest corporations currently run their giving programs all year.
  • This was not the case just five years ago with corporate giving programs lasting between four to eight weeks.
  • The extension of the donation period in corporations results in increased employee donations, engagement and impact.

2) Trend 2: Aligning Charity with Corporate Strategy

  • Large corporations are partnering with fewer nonprofits and focusing on causes that are closely aligned to their company's vision or strategy.
  • 40% of corporations are devoting their highest proportion of donations towards a cause that is aligned with their top-priority strategic area.
  • Companies are increasing their donations but reducing the number of recipients.
  • They are deciding to donate to nonprofits that are aligned to their missions.
  • As an example, companies in the energy sector tend to focus on supporting nonprofits in the education sector and disaster Relief.
  • CPG Corporations' highest charitable contributions are directed towards environmental nonprofits as well as the ones supporting the culture and the arts.
  • Companies active in the healthcare space tend to focus on donating to health and social services nonprofits.
  • In 2019, Disney focused their charitable programs on nonprofits that support kids, families and communities worldwide.
  • It has been estimated that companies can generate a potential return of $1 billion from taking a strategic approach to corporate charitable donations.
  • This trend is projected to continue for the foreseeable future as companies can improve their sales by up to 20% and reduce employee turnover by 25% to 50% if they design their corporate donating program successfully.

3) Trend 3: Worldwide Donations

  • Large corporations are using international donations to build a local reputation in new markets and attract local talent.
  • The biggest American companies have donation programs covering 189 countries, the largest recipients being Europe, China, and India.
  • International donation programs examples include HP awarding grants to charities located in the UK, Romania, Bulgaria and India.

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