DoorDash Future Plans


The goal is to determine if DoorDash has any future plans for acquisitions or ventures.

Early Findings

  • While nothing came of it, in July Postmates engaged in discussions with DoorDash and Uber about possibly being acquired by one of the companies.
  • In August, Domino's Pizza confirmed that it has no plans to collaborate with DoorDash anytime soon.
  • DoorDash recently signed a deal with BevMo and is testing out deliveries of alcoholic beverages in certain markets.
  • The company planned to roll out more delivery services in Canada in 2019.
  • There are rumors that DoorDash is planning a $400 million IPO from JPMorgan Chase in 2020.
  • In April, Wegmans announced that it is joining up with DoorDash to deliver their restaurant-quality home meals. DoorDash drivers will deliver the meals, but customers will need to order them through Wegmans' own mobile app.
  • We did not find any sources showing future acquisition plans for DoorDash.

Proposed next steps:

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We were unable to find any sources talking about future acquisitions with DoorDash or even future ventures. Because of this, we suggest continuing with a focus on finding 4-5 recent expansions or partnerships (that are not mentioned above). For each, we will provide who they partnered with, what the partnership entails, and anything showing if the partnership is working well, either for the companies involved or for consumers. US focus.
Alternatively, we can take a deep dive into the acquisitions by DoorDash of Caviar, Scotty Labs, and Mercato. For each, we will provide available details on the acquisition (when, how much they bought them for, what changes happened to the companies that were bought, why they acquired them), and how it is either negatively or positively affecting DoorDash. For the latter, we will aim to provide any available success/failure metrics.