Down and Feather Industry


To identify new trends in the down and feather industry;
To understand more about the recycled down market by answering the following key questions: Which European companies export recycled down to the US? How does the recycled down market share compare to regular down? and How is the recycled down market increasing?;
To understand more about a down and feather company called Minardi to include the key data points of: Who their US partners are, characteristics about their business, and characteristics about their supply.

Early Findings

Our research on new trends in the down and feather industry revealed insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

Down and Feather Industry Trends

  • A new trend in the down and feather industry is the slight shift in the industry from goose to duck as prices for goose continue to rise.
  • This slight shift in the down and feather industry is in turn creating a new trend of duck prices beginning to slowly rise in response to increased demand.
  • The rising price of goose is also impacting the down and feather industry with a new trend of going from higher specifications to lower specifications within the same species.
  • Also very recently trending in the down and feather industry is speculation that down usage will be much higher in China this year than last year as a result of the Chinese New Year coming later in the calendar year that will give shoppers more winter months to purchase down items for themselves and loved ones before the holiday starts.
  • Other very recent trends in the down and feather industry are: an increase in the purchasing power of consumers, the growth in urban population, and an increase in consumer preference for luxury and comfort that also boost market growth.

Research proposal:

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