Determine the activities that tourists and locals do for fun in the given cities, the types of team building work activities that people prefer and their commonalities, and the strategies that brick and mortar attractions do to attract and retain customers. The information will be used for a business pitch for DriveShack.

Early Findings

Data for DriveShack

Fun Activities

  • Based on reviews, some of the fun activities that tourists typically prefer to do in West Palm Beach include outdoor activities, tours, shopping, water sports, going to museums, nightlife, and others.
  • In Raleigh, people typically go to the city to enjoy the nightlife, do some shopping, visit sights, engage in fun and games, and visit nature sites.
  • In New Orleans, visitors typically go for tours, shopping, nightlife activities, museums, sights, and outdoor activities.
  • In Orlando, Florida, some of the activities that people prefer include tours, outdoor activities, going shopping, nightlife, and fun and games.
  • In Richmond, people go for sights and landmarks, tours, shopping, fun and games, and gastronomic activities.
Fun Teambuilding Activities
  • One of the outside of the office teambuilding activity that people actually like include the "Make Your Own Movie" activity.
  • This preference is also based on the widely accepted fact that people love movies.
  • The activity lets team members unleash their creativity by using simple equipment such as cameras, tripods, microphones, and other gadgets to make movies based on chosen themes.
Brick and Mortar Attractions Customer Acquisiton Strategy
For recreational attractions such as escape rooms, these companies employ digital marketing tactics to acquire more customers.
These sites also create content that focus on promoting the unique experience that they can offer to their customers.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided some of the activities that people do for fun in. We also presented some of the team-building work activities that people like and the common themes of these activities. We also listed down some of the strategies that brick and mortar attractions are doing to attract new customers and build a recurring customer base. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose to continue with the research to provide 3-5 activities that tourists and locals do for fun in each of these cities: West Palm Beach (Florida), Raleigh (North Carolina), New Orleans (Louisiana), Orlando (Florida) and Richmond (Virginia). We will also provide 5-7 types of outside of the office/team building work activities that people actually like, and the common themes among these activities. We will also provide 5-7 insights on how brick and mortar attractions (i.e. bowling alleys, ax throwing, movie theaters, pool halls, escape rooms, go-karting,) attract new customers and build a loyal/recurring customer base.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide 2-3 competitors of DriveShack. For each competitor, we will provide the company and brand name, website, why it is a key competitor (similarity of offerings, revenue, or other key metrics), and its value proposition. We also recommend proceeding with additional research to provide a competitive analysis of DriveShack and the identified competitors above. For each of these companies, we will provide a 3-4 sentence description of the company, description of its solutions or product offerings, its competitive advantage, target market, and overall market messaging.
We also propose undertaking additional research to provide the demographic and psychographic profiles of miniature golf customers. For the demographic profile, we will provide the age, gender, location (urban or rural), income level, educational level, marital status, and ethnicity of typical miniature golf players. For the psychographic profile, we will include their general habits, values, spending habits, and media consumption habits.