Driving Awareness Research


Gain an understanding of how effective community outreach efforts are compared to advertising to drive awareness and trial

Early Findings

  • Corporate image is improved most by outreach, as companies can demonstrate their ethics through action and attract customers who care about the same things or share the same values.
  • Consumer loyalty is also increased by community outreach, as it was shown to have a stronger impact even over quality of service.
  • It's also show that 56% of consumers will travel an extra ten minutes to buy a product associated with community outreach for a cause they care about.
  • Outreach also improves customer retention via increasing the quality of the customer experience.
  • One source notes that community outreach allows for interaction with the local community that is genuine, and allows for real connection instead of marketing at them.
  • Community outreach to increase brand visibility can also be enhanced with promotional products, that feature the brand name and expand brand recognition.
  • Outreach can also be exceptionally beneficial as a compliment to existing content marketing strategies, by driving exposure back to content.

Proposed next steps:

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