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Trends in Family Vacationing


To identify the top 5-7 trends in family vacationing, including details about what the trend entails, why it is considered a trend, and what is driving the trend. To also identify the things open in quarantine, especially things for a variety of age groups (kids, adults, and seniors).

Early Findings

I. Top Trends in Family Vacationing

Travel Improves Tasty Family Time

    • According to a 2019 survey of more than 6,000 families, over half of them, 64% said they spend the most quality time while on vacation with families.
    • Normally, less than a third of the parents claimed to have dinner with their family every night, with 39% of the respondents blaming work for interrupting family time.
    • However, while on vacation, 67% of parents noted they ate with their families nightly, with 82% claiming that kids were overly willing to experiment with new and health foods.

    Multigenerational Travel on the Rise

    • Millennial families (up to 40-year parents) form the biggest market for vacationing, with research suggesting that this cohort values traveling, plan to take 4.2 trips in the coming year, and spend up to 9% more than the previous year.
    • However, Gen X and Boomer travel plans are more vigorous with increased planned spending of 20% and 34%, respectively likely because most Gen Xers are becoming grandparents.
    • According to MMGY Global, since January 2019, 44% of grandparents traveled with grandchildren, an increase from 36% in 2018. In 2020, an estimated 47% of grandparents plan to travel with grandchildren.

    Kids Have a Big Influence on Travel Decisions

    • Research by JWT Intelligence Report found out that 81% of American millennial parents admit that the habits of their kids significantly influenced their last purchases.
    • 27% of millennial parents sought the opinion of their kids before buying a new TV, laptop, phone, etc.
    • When kids were asked how they would spend an extra $100 on a trip, 25% or one in four said they would spend it on "unique experiences," and not on airfare or lodging.

    Growth in Camping

    • From 2014 through 2019, the North American Camping Report reported 7 million new camping households.
    • Over 30% of campers camp less than 50 miles from their homes and comprise of a more diverse group than those seen in national parks near campgrounds.
    • In 2018, research showed an increase in new campers from multicultural backgrounds, with 22% being Hispanic, 14% African-American, and 14% Asian, equivalent to all Caucasian campers.

    Families Are Taking To RVing

    • Unlike the conventional notion that RVing was for the retired or those willing to take a permanent spot on the road, modern families are Rving too.
    • About 40 million Americans RV camp regularly, with adults aged 35- 54 likely to own an RV.
    • Research data from RVshare shows that interest in RV rentals has increased by 650% from 2013.

II. Things Open in Quarantine for a Variety of Age Groups

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