Due diligence


To perform a due diligence background search on several prospects.

Early Findings

Matthew Kabaker

  • In 2014, Matthew Kabaker was named, along with other executives, as a defendant in a class action law suit against Santander.
  • Other than the class action law suit, further research reveals that there is no negative press surrounding Matthew Kabaker.

Lance West

  • A press search using the given terms found no negative press surrounding Lance West.

John A. Kanas

  • In 2011, Kanas was sued by Capital One for violation of a non-compete agreement. The case was settled out of court in 2012 with Kanas returning $20 million of his $24 million compensation package.

Felix Scherzer

  • A press search using the given terms found no negative press surrounding Felix Sherzer.


  • In 2007, Gardy & Notis, LLP filed a class action security fraud lawsuit against E*Trade.
  • In 2014, the SEC filed "an enforcement action against current and former brokerage subsidiaries of E*TRADE Financial Corporation" for selling penny stocks through unregistered offerings.
  • In 2010, Lindsay Lohan filed a suit against E*Trade over the company's Super Bowl commercial. The actress felt the company mocked her in the commercial. The suit was settled out of court.
  • There are several consumer review websites with negative reviews of the company. Sites include ConsumerAffairs, and DirtyScam.

Centerbridge Partners

  • A class action law suit was brought against Centerbridge Partners and P.F. Chang's for breaches of fiduciary duty arising out of the buyout of Chang's by Centerbridge.
  • Other than the class action suit, further press search found no negative press surrounding Centerbridge Partners.

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