Research Outline

DWI Associated Costs


To gain a better understanding of the most prominent negative impacts that are associated with drinking charges (DUI or DWIs), including impacts like the loss of income/ careers, health/alcoholism, relationships/marriages, damages/vehicle, alcohol/ DWI culture.

Early Findings

Our background research on the topic provided the following details about the impact on different aspects of life:

Impact on Professional Life

  • Given the current situation, most employers are really serious about the hiring process, and so they always conduct a background check, some may even ask the applicant to disclose any arrests or convictions that the applicant has had in the past years; however, employers will not consider any applicant who has previously been charged with a DUI or DWI.
  • "There are a lot of qualified people with comparable skills vying for the same position, and a convicted person is an employee who brings a certain amount of risks to the table, and as such, it is easy for the employer to toss the application of a convicted applicant to the side."
  • Additionally, DUI or DWI cases can also cause serious issues for people who have professional licenses or applying for the same; professional licenses often affected by DWI convictions include medical permits, nursing licenses, pilot licenses, CPA licenses, teaching licenses, and real estate licenses.

Impact on Mental Health

  • A DUI or DWI case can lead to serious mental conditions, and the root cause is stress. These cases impact the financial independence of a person, and that can lead to extremely stressful condictions and can also lead to depression. "First-time convictions, financial stress, and a loss of independence can all contribute to feelings of depression."

Impact on Personal Relations and Family

  • Impact on Marriages: "A relationship between spouses is a cohesive and interdependent partnership, so it's no surprise that a DUI from one partner will disrupt the entire relationship."
  • Many times, the financial aspect can have the most effect on marriages. "The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy reports that financial issues caused by alcohol problems can often spark arguments and unhappiness."
  • Impact on Children: "Children will often be confused or scared of the situation, and it can be difficult for a parent to explain why they're in this particular predicament; they can also lose respect for their parents and feel resentful or ashamed."
  • Impact on Parents and Siblings: "Dealing with a DUI can cause a loved one to be concerned about the emotional state, and It's pretty common for parents and siblings to become overbearing because they don't want further emotional or financial damage to occur because of the DUI; the constant attention from a sibling or parent can cause those dealing with a DUI to feel suffocated, causing more family tension."

Immigrant Status

  • Texas lawmakers are strict about two things — immigration and driving while intoxicated. And if one has both, it is a serious situation, and the odds of getting deported due to these cases increase significantly.

Impact on Education

  • If a person is on a scholarship or is receiving any financial aid from the state for the propose of education, then a DWI or DUI case can have serious circumstances. Additionally, some schools have strict policies and do not allow for admitting students who have been convicted or have been charged with DUI or DWI.