Dyslexia Treatment Spend


To find how much is spent by parents and patients in treating dyslexia, and how this is broken down by treatment and treatment setting.

Early Findings

Costs for Various Treatment Settings

  • Private treatment for learning disabilities such as dyslexia varies depending on the type of treatment and setting.
  • The average cost of assessment by a private doctor with insurance copay is between $15 and $30.
  • Assessment by a pediatric psychologist would be much more expensive at a cost between $200 and $800.
  • An in-depth psycho-educational assessment performed by an educational psychologist to detect a learning disability such as dyslexia would cost between $2,000 and $4,000 but can be covered by employer's insurance benefits.
  • The cost of cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions can reach $100 per hour and varies depending on income.
  • Speech therapy costs between $200 and $250 for the initial assessment and regular sessions are billed at $100-$200 an hour. Copay of 10% to 50% is available for families with insurance.
  • The cost of an hour session of educational therapy is $60 and educational materials cost between $100 and $250.
  • The average cost of occupational therapy is $150-$250 for the first assessment, then each regular session costs around $50-$400 an hour. Copay of 10% to 50% is also available for this treatment if the patient is covered by health insurance.
  • Private schools adapted to children with disabilities cost $7,770 per year for elementary schools and $13,030 for high schools.
  • Some parents are spending $20,000 a year on tuition fees for two 8-year-old children with dyslexia, and $60 an hour for private tutoring.
  • Jemicy, a private school for kids with language-based learning differences charges up to $30,000 a year for tuition, with some parents spending $60,000 for two kids.
  • Dyslexia tutoring can cost up to $100 an hour for sessions with Orton-Gillingham trained tutors.
  • Tutoring with less prestigious reading programs such as the PRIDE reading program is more affordable, as local tutors can be used, at a cost of $10-$12 an hour.

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