Research Outline

E-Learning Platforms - Consumer Loyalty


To gather evidence on how e-learning platforms customers are not loyal to just one platform and why. The information will be used to understand how users are using learning platforms and websites.

Early Findings

Evidence of Using More Than One Platform

  • Ulrik Minet , owner and management consultant at Best Practice Education, says that he has "tried at least 7 different LMS systems that all advertised that they had the very best system in the world."
  • In public forums like Quora, people have stated that they have tried multiple platforms. For example, one user said: "I have tried both platforms, my favorite by the moment is edX."
  • At OnineCourseing, users have also stated they have tried Datacamp and Udacity.
  • Jeremy Kallowitz, from GetEducated.Online, has also stated that he has tried a "range of educational platforms, having tried both Udacity and Coursera."

Reasons for Trying More Than One Platform

  • According to a recent study from Vietnam, "providing the highest educational service quality brings about student satisfaction, which in turn leads to student loyalty."
  • According to BBC, some users cancel e-learning courses because they are "not happy with the course."
According to our initial research, there is no publicly available information on recent statistics, such as studies or surveys, that show customer usage of multiple e-learning platforms. However, there seems to be more information on user statements online on how they have used more than one of these platforms.