E. Textint Company Overview


Provide a company profile of E. Textint, including revenue information, their target customers/value proposition, business partnerships, headquarters and manufacturing locations, apparel industry competitor data, company products/services, ownership and organization structure, and any published investments in innovation.

Early Findings

E. Textint Corporation


  • E. Textint's headquarters location is in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
  • They also have five other primary sales locations, three in Zhuhai, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China, and two on the eastern and western coasts of the United States, in New York, NY, and Portland, OR.



  • One primary service of E. Textint is their heat transfer products/technology for apparel design used in a wide range of athletic apparel products.
  • Their company claims to invest considerably in research and development for higher quality heat transfer product technology while pursuing eco-friendly goals.
  • Product applications include uniforms for professional sports, reflective/elastic recreation wear, and water and climate resistant gear used in extreme cold conditions.
  • One primary innovative breakthrough that E. Textint displays is their advanced apparel technology that eliminates difficulties with "color migration" in apparel products. This also includes their "eco-friendly ink system."
  • They have a specific heat transfer system made from recycled materials.
  • Another innovative product that they offer eliminates the need for stitched seams in garments by using a seamless bonding film that attaches segments of apparel pieces with a lighter, more comfortable solution that also improves water resistance and is even stronger than traditional stitching methods.

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