Research Outline

Early Childhood Development


To detrmine the development stages of early child development, which outlines the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children.

Early Findings

  • Professionals and researchers usually define the period of early childhood as birth to eight years of age. In addition, stages of childhood are defined culturally by customs, social institutions, and laws that make up a society.

Overview of Birth to Eighteen Months

  • Infants make miraculous progress in the first eighteen months after birth, which is a relatively short time span.
  • During this time, the infant sees the world through his/her senses.
  • The babies collect information through taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound.
  • At this stage, the caregiver should play the important role of stimulating these senses but making sure that they are not overwhelmed.
  • The overall goal is to interact and explore the infant’s world with him/her, rather than “teaching” the baby what is right or wrong.
  • At this stage, infants take great pleasure in making discoveries with their hands, voice, feet, and toes. It’s during this stage that infants start to practice “practice rolling skills, crawling, walking, and other great physical adventures.”

Additional Findings