Easter and Passover Spends


The goal is to gain an overall understanding of the Easter and Passover holidays in Canada. What is the average spend on children, particulary concerning toys. When do people start planning for these celebrations, what do they do, and how do they spend their time together? Are they buying gifts, and if so, how much are they spending? Ultimately this will help discern if its worth calling this time period a "season" and spending time on it from a marketing perspective.

Early Findings


  • Easter in Canada is celebrated similarly to the way several other western countries celebrate. Families attend church, have gatherings and meals, and decorate and stage easter egg hunts (generally held outdoors). People also participate in Easter craft contests.
  • It is common to exchange Easter eggs, bunnies, and small gifts.


  • In general, spending during Easter is increasing. American's spend $2.4 billion strictly on candy for the holiday. "Surveys conducted for the International Council of Shopping Centers show that millennials will spend more money on Easter than other age groups—an average of $177, compared with $127 among Gen Xers and $114 by Baby Boomers."
  • The National Retail Federation provides downloadable data on trends during Easter in the U.S. This can provide some general clues as to what people are spending their time and money on.
  • Canadian stores begin to stock and sell easter candy and eggs at the end of December.


  • It appears that many people spend Passover with their family and friends and attend their local synagogue or have meals with family. Others choose to spend the time at a hotel, resort, or cruise ship. "Popular activities include relaxing with family or friends, skiing in the Canadian mountains, or enjoying the natural wonders of Canada."
  • Currently, Passover spatulas and matzah-themed neckties are trending as gifts.
  • For children, matzah stress balls and other gifts are widely available.


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