Research Outline

General Contractors on the East Coast


To identify 20-30 general contractors with a revenue between $500 million to $1.6 billion that are located on the East Coast and provide information on whether they are private or public companies, their HQ location or address, the services offered, historical acquisitions, their CEO, CFO or other top executives. The information should be provided on this spreadsheet.

Early Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, general contractors located along the East Coast were sought as well as the requested information for these companies. One contractor was identified and its information was provided.
  • Haskell is a construction company located along the East Coast that has a revenue of $800 million.
  • Information on the company was provided on this spreadsheet.
  • Please note that when a company is private it could be challenging to determine its revenue accurately and determine if it fits the requested profile. Kindly consider substituting this criterion with the company size (number of employees the firm should have) or another criterion or excluding the criterion from the search criteria.