Research Outline

EDiscovery SaaS Market: Competitive Landscape


To provide a competitive landscape of the following companies in the eDiscovery SaaS space: DISCO, Everlaw, Logickull, iPro, Relativity One, and One Discovery.

Early Findings



DISCO does not provide its pricing information publicly. It uses a "flat-rate per-gig pricing" model which can be obtained by contacting the company.


Pricing: DISCO has an all-inclusive model for pricing that is predictable and uses pre-expanded data to offer per-gigabyte pricing. The spend per case can be accurately predicted by customers.
Self-service Ingestion: DISCO has a propriety ingestion feature and up to 4TB of data can be ingested and processed remotely each day. DISCO allows ediscovery experts to quickly deal with large issues remotely without external help.
Scalability: DISCO provides very efficient document load times even at peak capacity. DISCO typically supports thousands of workspaces and users simultaneously without any latency.


Global Reach: DISCO has few datacenter locations which reduces its ability to compete effectively globally and handle data sovereignty requirements.
Data Source Integration: DISCO does not integrate with popular data sources such as O365 and SharePoint.