Research Outline

Edmentum Meeting Details


  • Detail any prior/current partnerships that Edmentum has with other curriculum creators, especially in the Career Exploration space.
  • Detail the type of referral model that Edmentum utilizes for their sales representatives and how a company with a free product could peak their interest since they wouldn't earn commission.
  • Identify the types of priorities that Edmentum has whenever they are seeking/considering partners, and explain how a company offering a free curriculum program could successfully meet those priorities.
  • The overall goal of each of the above points is to inform the best way a company that is offering a free curriculum product should position themselves to sell to Edmentum, even though the product is free.

Early Findings

  • Edmentum is partnered with the Northwest Evalutation Association (NWEA) and their Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) program. This partnership allows them to offer an individualized student assessments via Study Island (grades 2-high school) and Edmentum Exact Path (K-12) to better understand how students learn best.
  • Edmentum is partnered with Ward's Science, which allows them to offer lab kits for Biology, Earn, and Space Science courses.
  • Edmentum is partnered with eDynamic Learning, which permits them to offer 46 semesters (23 years worth) of electives and career courses.
  • Edmentum is partnered with Carone Learning to offer 35 semesters worth of health, fitness, and CTI courses for students in grades K-12.
  • Edmentum is partnered with Middlebury Interactive Languages, offering them the ability to provide 14 semesters of graphically interactive online language courses to students of all ages.
  • Edmentum is partnered with Renaissance and their Star Assessments program. This allows them to offer an integrated test to students via their Exact Path program to identify personalized learning paths for students in grades K-12.
  • In August 2017 when Edmentum announced their partnership with Renaissance, CEO Jamie Post Candee said that, "Edmentum is dedicated to making it easier for educators to individualize instruction." This indicates that Edmentum is open to consider partnerships with companies/products that will meet their goals.
  • Other missions/values of Edmentum as a company include the passion to have a positive impact on the educational experience of students and teachers alike, to support educational professionals that love what they do, to respect colleagues and customers and always be professional, to promote collaboration and teamwork, and to grow financially and celebrate their educational successes.
  • The four qualities that Edmentum looks for to offer in their education solutions (and thus partnerships that provide them) are 1) customer success, 2) quality content, 3) simple technology, and 4) actionable data.