Educational Software Barriers


Determine the barriers to entry that educational software developers face when trying to get their products to be listed on app stores, with a focus on the non-democratized mobile app listing process.

Early Findings

Educational Software Barriers

  • One of the barriers to entry when trying to get their products adopted by app stores include the non-democratized mobile app listing process.
  • Solution categories that have been democratized usually involve a default player. It is also very easy to enter the category without spending too much time or effort.
  • As an example, Blogger was able to democratize blogging as it has brought down the barrier of entry into the world of blogging.
  • In the world of video publishing, YouTube democratize the process as the platform enabled easier entry for those who want to publish their video content.
  • The examples above illustrated that whenever the barrier of entry is reduced, the process to accomplish something is more democratized. When this happens, the solution is not anymore exclusive to a select few only. The shift in the landscape can then entice a whole spectrum of prospective entrants.
  • In the case of the mobile app, there is almost no single tool that can easily lets entrants list their apps on the stores.
  • In contrast to this situation, those who wanted to setup e-commerce portals can readily turn to Shopify to set this up.
  • In the world of mobile commerce, there is no default provider or global key player that can readily help businesses in creating mobile apps.
  • This could be attributed to the complex process of developing and supporting the mobile app itself.
  • To democratize the process of mobile app listing and make it easier for a lot of small developers to enter the market, potential solution providers in this area must be capable of scaling to a massive number of apps.
  • These potential platforms should also be able to trim down the red tape surrounding the AppStore and the PlayStore's mobile app listing process.
  • These solutions should also be more affordable for the majority of the potential entrants.
  • Another barrier for new entrants is the fact that the mobile app market is also highly saturated and highly competitive.
  • This will make it challenging for new players to be noticed and will take a huge amount of marketing spending to get an app to be seen by the intended audience.

Summary of Findings:

  • Our initial one hour of research provided some details on the barrier involving the mobile app listing process not being democratized for new entrants in this ecosystem.

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