Best Practices-Press Release Distribution


To identify the best methods of press release distribution following initial posting to PR Newswire, to facilitate broader pickup by blogs, news sites, authors and other sites that will help improve the visibility of the PR piece.

Early Findings

Initial recommendations for facilitating broader media coverage, and pickup by websites, blogs, authors, and other news sites, after the PR piece is posted to PR Newswire, are summarized below.

High Quality Content Is King

  • The PR pieces that are most likely to gain traction beyond an initial distribution are easy to digest, include unique and newsworthy stories, geared toward providing value to the key target auduience.
  • Content that includes compelling statistics also tend to gain coverage and internet traction.
  • Form content with social media 'sharing' in mind, to help the message spread easily.

Develop SEO-Optimized Headlines

  • Develop headlines that are more likely to be picked up by journalists and optimized for search engines.
  • This includes developing headlines that adhere to AP-style (first word and proper noun capitalized), keeping headlines to 100 characters or less, and not repeating headlines (which push a headline further down in the search queue).

Build Detailed PR Pieces

  • Search engines are more likely to pick up a PR piece that is greater than 300 words.

Limit the Use of Hyperlinks

  • Excluding basic contact information, use fewer than 3 links for every 1000 words, to avoid a PR piece being classified as SPAM.

Publish PR On Social Media

  • Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter posts are key to successful PR distribution.

Selectively Share Press Releases

  • Press releases should be shared with journalists who cover the specific PR topic, and those with whom a relationship has been built.

Consider Local PR Communication and Distribution

  • If relevant, local distribution through smaller channels and local journalists can faciliatate a grass-roots PR campaign.

Develop Media Relationships

  • Developing media relationships by communicating with the press (potentially via social media) is one of the best ways to promote a PR piece.
  • Recommendations include reaching out to media reps via social media, once a relationship has been established, and sharing newsworthy pieces with personalization.

Do Not Rely Exclusively On A Distribution Service

  • While some recommend a PR distribution service to generate attention, and PR distribution services tend to be used quite frequently as a first step in generating press, there is some evidence that many press releases do not generate high quality results in terms of SEO or specific targeting.

Consider Influencer Distribution If Appropriate

  • This PR distribution strategy involves partnering with a social media personality that is congruent with the brand's messaging and has a large number of followers.
  • Axe Body Spray worked with male influencers to convey their style-focused message.

Additional PR Distribution Strategies

  • Additional PR distribution strategies include syndicating PR on social media, and reposting a ’teaser’ of the PR piece once it has been picked up by a handful of media outlets.

Summary of Early Finding Relevant To The Goal

  • We were able to uncover a good amount of information about PR distribution in this initial hour of research.
  • We recommend additional research to uncover additional recommendations and further develop those identified above.

Proposed next steps:

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