Research Outline

FISMA Market Analysis


  • To find information on the FISMA market including market size, average budget and spend for companies undergoing FISMA compliance, key players in the market, key players providing compliance services and software, and trends within the market.

Early Findings

  • The global eGRC market was valued at $21.72 billion in 2018. This market is expected to exhibit an increase in value to $57.57 billion by 2026 via a CAGR of 13.2% . The eGRC market is segmented into finance, information technology, legal, and operations and FISMA falls under the IT segment.
  • Key players within the EGRC market include Bwise , Dell Technologies, Inc. , EMC Corporation, IBM Corporation, MetricStream, Inc. , Microsoft Corporation , Oracle Corporation , SAP SE , Thomson Reuters , and Wolters Kluwer N.V. These companies are potential candidates for major players in the FISMA compliance market.
  • For an organization to be FISMA compliant it will need to meet the following requirements: information system inventory, risk categorization, security controls, risk assessments, system security plan, certification and accreditation, and continuous monitoring.
  • Even though it is hard to provide a dollar amount for the expense of an organization becoming FISMA compliant until a gap analysis of what is missing is performed, the big ticket items can such as typically documentation, physical compliance, software tools, and two factor authentication (TFA) can be used to estimate the expected expenses.