Amazon and Microsoft EHR


Determine what Amazon and Microsoft are doing in the electronic health record space within the US. Additionally, provide any information on the products/services these companies offer as it relates to healthcare data within the US.

Early Findings


  • Amazon Comprehend Medical is a new technology launched by Amazon that uses machine learning to analyze medical text and identify necessary information, like patient diagnosis, treatments, and symptoms.
  • The program also helps identify patients that may benefit from clinical trials by reading information in their EHR.
  • To use the program, healthcare providers must upload EHR data onto Amazon's cloud.
  • The software is HIPPA compliant because it does not store data.
  • More recently, Amazon has partnered with Cerner, an EHR service provider, to launch Project Apollo, which is a cloud-based healthcare platform.


  • Azure API for FHIR is a product by Microsoft that helps "health systems interoperate and share data in the cloud."
  • Azure API for FHIR is compatible with EHR.
  • Microsoft also allows secure EHR data to be integrated with Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft is also focused on using AI in healthcare, security, and developing monitoring devices.
  • Microsoft has already had one failure in the healthcare space — HealthVault — which recently shut down. The program focused too much on basic health records, without including the integration of wearable data and the ability to easily share records.

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