Research Proposal

Eimantas Didzbalis


To gather all available information on Eimantas Didzbalis: his background, education, professional experience, social profiles and business information. This will be used to aid in conducting due diligence for an ongoing project.

Early Findings

Eimantas Didzbalis

  • Eimantas Didzbalis lives in Ireland.
  • He is a coaching trainer/vocal coach at Olde Vechte Foundation.
  • As a vocal coach Eimantas Didzbalis is working with artists combining coaching tools and Bel Canto approach in order to get the best out of their performances.
  • He is passionate about working with people who aim to gain vocal courage in order to speak with clarity and to perform on stage.

Olde Vechte Foundation

  • The foundation is active in a wide range of fields, on local, national, European and international level and:
  • It organizes and implements open call educational projects.
  • "Olde Vechte Foundation collaborates with other organizations from the Netherlands and around the world. Thus, the participants can experience indoor and outdoor activities in the frame of non-formal education and live together in the group accommodation."
  • Also, it offers its facilities to national and international schools "that want to organize educational and creative activities outside the established formal system and experience living in a group setting."
  • Besides Eimantas Didzbalis, Olde Vechte Foundation has 13 trainers: Marko Vlaming, Yassar Markos , Veronika Pavlova, Tihana Dragičević, Lena Nasiakou, Eddie Wolters, Martijn Meima, Giedre Kaupaite, Cathy Manousaki, Afonso Bertolo, Panagiotis Mamouzakis, Anna Moro, and Ioanna-Nolia Lefa.
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