EV Battery Components Suppliers


To obtain a list of companies in the United States that supply electric vehicle (EV) precision stamping battery components (such as anodes, cathode collectors, burst discs, etc) to EV companies like Tesla and/or battery manufacturers like LG Chem & Panasonic.

Early Findings

SolidEnergy Systems

  • SolidEnergy Systems claims to be a company that "manufactures the world’s lightest rechargeable cells at pilot scale for prototype demonstration and specialized aerospace markets."
  • The company specializes in supplying materials (anodes and electrolytes) to markets such as electric vehicles and consumer electronics.
  • Its materials are supplied to large manufacturers of Li-ion cells. These components are then integrated with a cathode and separator into full cells that may be used for different purposes including consumer electronics, drones, and electric vehicles.
  • So far, the company has raised $71.4 million in funding.
  • SolidEnergy Systems is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States.

American Elements

  • American Elements manufactures a wide variety of advanced cathode, anode, and electrolyte materials. Its components are manufactured "in high and ultra-high purities with strict controls for particle size and distribution, surface area, and physical morphology to the specifications of [its] customers."
  • Some of its products include electrodes and current collection materials, anode materials, cathode materials, and electrolyte materials.
  • Additionally, the company supplies materials to be used in fabricating "components at all stages of battery design".
  • There is a ready market in the electric vehicle space for batteries that have a higher energy density, longer cycle life, and higher power capability. Companies such as American Elements, Targray and Solvay are leading suppliers of battery components in this industry.

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