Email Marketing Statistical Insights


To find recent statistics (2018-2020) pertaining to the usage, effectiveness, and growth of email marketing.

Early Findings

How much are companies investing in email marketing compared to other marketing channels?

  • Email marketing accounted for 10% of the global marketing budget (2018).
  • Over eight in ten (82%) marketers spend 20% or lesser of their "marketing budgets on email".
  • The second-most popular content marketing tool that B2B organizations use is email marketing software (85%). Email marketing software is the third-most-popular tool used by B2C marketers (72%).
  • Email newsletters are the third-most-popular type of content used by B2B (81%) and B2C (74%) marketers.
  • According to B2B (31%) and B2C (24%) content marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute, email newsletters are the most effective way to nurture leads.
  • Email is the their-most popular "organic (free) content distribution channels" used by B2B (87%) and B2C (79%) marketers.

How popular is email app usage on mobile?

  • Nearly half (49%) of emails are read on mobile devices.
  • In 2019, over a third (34.8%) of emails were read on an iPhone and 8.2% on an Android.
  • Three in four (75%) Gmail users use mobile phones to access their emails.
  • Mobiles account for one in three email clicks.
  • In 2019, "62% of email campaigns" were opened on mobile devices versus 10% on desktops.

What is the effectiveness of personalized and segmented emails?

  • Segmented emails have "14.31% higher open rates" and "100.95% higher clickthrough rates".
  • Personalized emails have 14% higher clickthrough rates and generate six times higher "revenue and transaction rates".
  • Personalized-subject-line emails have 26% greater open rates.
  • Four in ten (39%) digital retailers "distribute personalized product recommendations to their subscribers through email".

What is the effectiveness of automated/triggered campaigns?

  • The "average email open rates in North America":
    • Acoustic (2018): 24.7%
    • Cheetah Digital (Q4 2018): 19.8%
    • Epsilon business-as-usual emails (Q1 2019): 33.5%
    • Epsilon triggered emails (Q1 2019): 53.5%
    • Get Response (H1 2019): 19%
  • Triggered campaign emails perform three times better "than nurture and batch emails".

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
We recommend continuing research to find statistics on unanswered questions: 1) How does email support the standard marketing mix (4 P’s of Marketing)? 2) What is the growth rate of email usage? If required, we could also find additional statistics for any specific question/s answered previously (please specify if required).
We recommend 2-3 case studies (each) on companies that have successfully used segmented marketing, personalized marketing, and spent a large share of their marketing budget (over 20%) on email marketing. The case studies will cover a description of the company, how it used email marketing, why it used it, and the success metrics. We will find case studies specific to the United States.
We will research the drivers of growth or reasons for de-growth (depending on what research indicates) for email marketing in the United States.