Research Outline

Email Marketing Statistical Insights


To find recent statistics (2018-2020) pertaining to the usage, effectiveness, and growth of email marketing.

Early Findings

How much are companies investing in email marketing compared to other marketing channels?

  • Email marketing accounted for 10% of the global marketing budget (2018).
  • Over eight in ten (82%) marketers spend 20% or lesser of their "marketing budgets on email".
  • The second-most popular content marketing tool that B2B organizations use is email marketing software (85%). Email marketing software is the third-most-popular tool used by B2C marketers (72%).
  • Email newsletters are the third-most-popular type of content used by B2B (81%) and B2C (74%) marketers.
  • According to B2B (31%) and B2C (24%) content marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute, email newsletters are the most effective way to nurture leads.
  • Email is the their-most popular "organic (free) content distribution channels" used by B2B (87%) and B2C (79%) marketers.

How popular is email app usage on mobile?

  • Nearly half (49%) of emails are read on mobile devices.
  • In 2019, over a third (34.8%) of emails were read on an iPhone and 8.2% on an Android.
  • Three in four (75%) Gmail users use mobile phones to access their emails.
  • Mobiles account for one in three email clicks.
  • In 2019, "62% of email campaigns" were opened on mobile devices versus 10% on desktops.

What is the effectiveness of personalized and segmented emails?

  • Segmented emails have "14.31% higher open rates" and "100.95% higher clickthrough rates".
  • Personalized emails have 14% higher clickthrough rates and generate six times higher "revenue and transaction rates".
  • Personalized-subject-line emails have 26% greater open rates.
  • Four in ten (39%) digital retailers "distribute personalized product recommendations to their subscribers through email".

What is the effectiveness of automated/triggered campaigns?

  • The "average email open rates in North America":
    • Acoustic (2018): 24.7%
    • Cheetah Digital (Q4 2018): 19.8%
    • Epsilon business-as-usual emails (Q1 2019): 33.5%
    • Epsilon triggered emails (Q1 2019): 53.5%
    • Get Response (H1 2019): 19%
  • Triggered campaign emails perform three times better "than nurture and batch emails".