Market Share of Email Reading Apps


To identify market share by revenue or customers for Ping, ReadItToMe,, Text'n Drive, Drivemode, Talkler, Speaking Email and Siri.

Early Findings




  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Drivemode has an estimated 30,829 downloads on GooglePlay.
  • It has an estimated annual revenue of $8M.
  • In 2019, "Honda R&D Co., Ltd., a research and development subsidiary of Honda, acquired all the outstanding shares of Drivemode, Inc."

Speaking Email

  • Developer: Beweb, Ltd.
  • Speaking Email has an estimated 111 downloads on GooglePlay and 59 ratings on the Apple app store.
  • Speaking Email has partnerships with Bosch, Microsoft, and the University of South Carolina. Their users include: Amazon, Cisco, Fonterra, Honeywell, HP, Massey University, NASA, and other organizations.


  • In 2017, Apple revealed that Siri had a total of 375 million monthly active users.
  • In terms of devices, Apple Siri Devices total 500 million.


  • Talker has 33 ratings on the Apple store, no recent information on their customers or revenue appears available. Their last update appeared in 2016.
  • Talker Labs is a private company, so information on their revenue does not appear publicly available.

  •'s website has links to Blackberry and Google Play, however, the URL does not appear active on these servers.
  • Most of their press releases appear from 2010- 2011, and more current information does not appear available. No other information on their revenue or customers appears available.

Text'n Drive

  • Similarly, Text'n Drive's website has links to iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, however, but the app no longer appears on these servers.
  • Their most recent press release was a CNN video from 2011 and more current information does not appear available. No other information on their revenue or customers appears available.


  • For this hour, we tried identifying as much of the requested information as possible. We found some early insights on Ping, ReadItToMe, Drivemode, Speaking Email, and Siri. However, there was less available information on Talkler,, and Text'n Drive in terms of downloads, revenue, or customers. Based on the available numbers on downloads, it appears that Drivemode and Siri have the most users. No other information on customers or revenue appeared available for these apps.
  • Most of the listed apps above appear to fall into the categories of either text-to-speech apps or distracted driving apps. In the course of our research, we found some similar apps in these categories, which might also be of interest.
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