Research Proposal

Adoption of Microsoft Power BI


To obtain high-level insights and trends about the adoption of Microsoft Power BI by organizations, including reasons for its growth.

Early Findings

Growth of Power BI

  • Arun Ulag, general manager for Microsoft reported a staggering growth for the Power BI since customers have been using over "20PB of data to Power BI every month".
  • Power BI provides speed for customers as the service is able to process more than 12 million queries an hour.
  • In the business intelligence market, it was found that Microsoft Power BI has a market share of 5.8% compared with its competitors' such as Tableau (15.50%), Cognos (9.31%), and QlikView (6.94%).

Contributing factors for growth

  • Furthermore, customers are probably more attracted to the service because of the company's communicative relationship in providing monthly updates to its users which covers navigation, and user collaboration. The company also pays attention to community's feedback and implement them in their services.
  • End-users are contributing to the growth of Power BI since they are increasingly seeking the training in the area having realized its usefulness in reporting.
  • It is also a well-structured self-service tool that can be easily used once training is received.
  • Microsoft MVP Matt Allington believes that Power BI will continue to grow because it is consistent, compatible with cloud, and has a good position in the market with the experts to get the job done. Power BI had 5 million subscribers in 2016.
  • Microsoft consistently invests in Power BI to ensure it remains innovative and in demand. It also offers the service at an affordable price.
  • Power BI also boasts an interesting feature — natural language query.

Adoption of Power BI

  • Organizations wishing to have an all-in-one type of service might opt for Microsoft's Power BI since it enables integration with Power Platform, Office 365, as well as Azure. Sensitive data is also monitored by Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • The tool is being improved to become a well-equipped analytics tool for large corporations as well.
  • It would require too much at the enterprise-level to use Power BI currently but with new features it'll be better able to. There it is mainly being used as a self-service-tool.
  • In the past 4 years, Microsoft Power BI was adopted by 17,876 companies with the majority being in the U.S. Most of the companies were from the computer software industry (18%), had 50 – 200 employees and $10 million — $50 million in revenue.
  • Other industries that have adopted Power BI in order of highest to the lowest penetration include Information Technology and Services (10%), Hospital & Health Care (5%), Financial services, Higher Education, Insurance, Retail, Computer Hardware, Construction and Government Administration.
  • In terms of the size of organizations that have adopted Power BI, 44% were small companies with less than $50 million in revenue, 20% were medium-sized and 209% were large companies with more than $1000 million in revenue.
  • Companies among the top that use Power BI include 10th Magnitude, 1A Auto, Inc., 22squared, Inc., 1871 and 1st Choice Jobs, according to Enlyft.

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