Media Landscape


To obtain a media landscape of Emergent tree and its competitors. To understand how these companies position themselves in order to inform a workshop with Emergent Tree.

Early Findings

Media Landscape

  • This spreadsheet will be populated with the essential information that demonstrates how each company presents itself on its social media platforms, press releases, its website, its blogs, and traditional media channels such as TV and print.

Emergent Tree

  • Emergent tree mainly uses Facebook and Twitter social media platforms to interact with the public.
Behavior Flip

ESC Region 13

Summary of our Early Findings

  • In our initial research, we have outlined the companies and created a spreadsheet that will be populated with the necessary information.
  • A media landscape entails the company's communication over various platforms. In our spreadsheet, we have created two separate sections: digital and traditional media.
  • If there are any additional columns that you would require in the spreadsheet, feel free to respond with what would be highly helpful or what would not. Following your guidelines, we will make the necessary edits and pass it along to the research team.

Proposed next steps:

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