• Emerging 5G business models, propositions, applications


The goal is to uncover or develop case studies on emerging 5G business models, propositions, applications in the following areas: In general, specific to operators, and specific to MVNOs.

Early Findings

5G Potential in General

  • Current mobile operators are seeing a 1.5% per year increase in revenue. It is expected with the widespread adoption of 5G networks to see revenues increase to roughly 13% annually.
  • Industries that will benefit include the financial services sector, automotive, public transport, healthcare, manufactoring, energy, and more.
  • By 2026, it is estimated that new addressable 5G-enabled revenues offer a 34% growth opportunity which is worth $582 billion.
  • Current operator business models are not viewed as being sustainble in the long run.
  • This webinar discusses the significant differences in 4G and 5G networks and what MNOs are doing to address 5G networks.

Operators and 5G

  • Sprint is working on rolling out a "massive multiple-input multiple-output technology that can support both LTE and 5G simultaneously."
  • Sprint is also working on providing 5G access to the Google Fi MVNO.
  • Verizon has setup Verizon 5G Labs, which partners with "innovators from startups, universities and enterprise teams to explore the boundaries of network technology, grow the 5G ecosystem, and create new application areas."

5G and MVNOs

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