Emerging Border Security Technologies 2


To provide emerging border security technologies preferably in the early development stage. This information will not be limited to airport border security and also consider the flow of goods/shipping into ports.

Early Findings

  • The implementation of blockchain will be the next big development in the freight forwarding industry that can transform the global supply chain sector and improve both the speed and security of handling the flow of goods at international borders.
  • According to a 2019 research paper, the use of blockchain in global supply is an emerging technology that is still evolving. Industry experts forecast that it will take about 6 years for the widespread use of blockchain in this sector.
  • Researchers opine that the adoption of blockchain will benefit both the industry and agencies responsible for ensuring the safety of cargo entering the United States. It would allow greater transparency and enable border officials to focus on cargo that needs greater scrutiny.
  • In 2018, the US Department of Homeland Security awarded $192,380 to Factom to begin beta testing of a capability that uses blockchain technology to secure Internet of Things (IoT) data. This final phase will also include testing of the technology in an outside area with limited Internet and in varied weather conditions to mimic the conditions of US Border Patrol agents.
  • In 2019, Zanma raised $5 million in venture capital seed funding to automate airport security checks between agencies. Their data verification platform pulls together data from airlines, governments, and security agencies so as to validate and revalidate passenger identity and data, which will result in improved security at airports.
  • The United States Border Patrol continues to identify and deploy modern technology, to include commercial innovation, to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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