Emerging Trends in Account Based Marketing


To identify the emerging trends in account based marketing in order to promote digital marketing services.

Early Findings

As we performed background research on the emerging trends in account based marketing, we gained insights on the key trends in the industry. Here are some key pieces of the information we found:
  • Predictive analytics will be key in successful ABM strategies by allowing companies the ability to target specific accounts that will convert.
  • B2B influencers will continue to be a point of differentiation for successful ABM strategies as people are more likely to trust technical experts and peers in their field.
  • Granular personalization using marketing automation tools will help companies be efficient by automating the workflow so prospects get the right message at the right stage of the life cycle.
  • Companies will start leveraging social insights to find out valuable organizational information that can uncover opportunities for engagement.
  • As more millennials take up decision-making roles, the role of SEO will be vital for B2B marketers to make sure content is optimized for search from target B2B customers.
  • ABM will go beyond marketing and sales, allowing companies to be more inclusive and collaborative across the company for example, reaching out to C-Suite level executives.
  • Retargeting will be a key aspect of lead generation, by allowing companies the ability to focus efforts on prospects already discovered through website visits etc.
  • The rise of direct mail to reach prospects will be a key differentiating factor for marketers by allowing them to reach executives in a unique way.
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