Emerging Trends In Influencer Marketing


To find out the emerging trends in influencer marketing in order to promote digital marketing services.

Early Findings

As we dove into background research on the emerging trends of influencer marketing, we gained insights on some of the major trends currently transforming the space. Here are some key pieces of information we found:
  • There will be a rise in microinfluencers who have niche audiences that align with companies target audiences more closely.
  • Data will play a big role in determining how brands work with influencers. Rather than focusing on singular metrics such as follower size etc, brands will evaluate influencers across a spectrum of factors such as creativity, engagement quality, growth rate and audience matching.
  • Video and audio content will continue to be the media of choice for influencers as it achieves almost 135% more organic reach than images, status and link posts.
  • Brands will focus more on peer to peer influence from influencers as opposed to celebrities to tap into microcultures where generation Z is concerned.
  • Influencer marketing will become more versatile allowing influencers the ability to provide brands support in reputation management and content generation.
  • There will be a rise in employee influencers allowing brands the ability to leverage their employees voices by enhancing brand visibility on social.
  • Pay per performance based deals will grow between brands and influencers as marketers focus more on performance based results that create profit.
  • Long term partnerships and collaboration between brands and influencers will become the norm.
  • B2B influencers will continue exerting more power for companies in the B2B space by helping drive brand awareness.
  • Influencer driven brands will continue to grow as they turn to influencers to provide them with a platform for growth.

Research proposal:

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