Eaton Wiring Devices Acquisitions


Acquisitions done by Eaton Wiring Devices within the past two decades.

Early Findings

  • Eaton Wiring Devices is also known as Eaton Corporation. The company has acquired 43 companies publicly.
  • In February 2020, Eaton acquired Power Distribution Inc; a company with 2019 sales of $125 million.
  • In December 2005, it bought out the aerospace division of PerkinElmer for $333 million.
  • Eaton acquired Aeroquip-Vickers for $1.7 billion in March 1999.
  • Some of the other companies Eaton has acquired include Cooper Industries, IE Power, E.Begerow, Pulizzi Engineering, Tractech, Jeil Hydraulics, and Cooperlogic. The names of these companies have been entered into this spreadsheet.


  • We were able to create a spreadsheet, identify & provide the names of all the companies Eaton has acquired, and provide the acquisition announcement data within the initial hour of research.
  • A lot of the companies Eaton has acquired are privately-held, thus, most did not offer their sales/revenue at the time of acquisition.

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