Emmanuel Marques Insights and Quotes


To gain insights about Emmanuel Marques and find his quotes in order to pay homage to him in a sales pitch.

Early Findings

  • One of the few mentions of Emmanuel Marques in the press is about him describing Michael Epstein, Carat's Chief Client Officer, as "been a key collaborator in the development and implementation of our audience buying strategy."
  • Emmanuel Marques also said that Michael Epstein "was able to ensure that the strategic services the agency provides are shifting quickly to align with our business need, the evolution of the media consumption of our targets and the increasing development of data-driven and audience-based media opportunities."
  • In another press report, Emmanuel Marques is quoted as describing Michael Epstein as an extraordinary sense of client service and is helping move Disney to a more consumer- and data-centric approach to media."
  • Emmanuel Marques is also quoted as describing Samba TV, a TV data and analytics company, as follows: “Samba TV's Audience Discovery tool helped us better understand the video consumption of our consumers, holistically plan our media buys and activate cross-channel video campaigns that are optimizing our frequency and maximizing our reach against our different audiences.”
  • In general, our preliminary research revealed that Emmanuel Marques limited press mentions. We also didn't find any speaking engagement publicly available featuring him from which we could extract any quotes or additional insights beyond what is on his LinkedIn page.

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