Employee Benefits


Statistics about the most wanted and the most offered employee benefits in Boston, as well as, the largest areas of insurance needs and areas forecasted to grow in the next few years.

Early Findings


  • Most people in Massachusetts get health insurance through their employers or a family member's employer.
  • About 71% of Massachusetts-based employers provided health insurance to their staff in 2018. This is significantly higher than the national offer rate of 57%.
  • Large firms in the state offer more health insurance than small firms. Specifically, 99% of large firms in Massachusetts offer health insurance, compared to 70% of small firms.
  • Exactly 51% of employees in Massachusetts were covered in firms offering insurance.
  • Of Massachusetts firms who offered health insurance, "36% offered insurance to their part-time employees. Overall, one in ten part-time employees enrolled in their employer’s health plan."
  • In Massachusetts, the "2018 average total monthly premium was $617 for single coverage and $1,687 for family coverage. The average percent employee contribution was 26% for single coverage and 30% for family coverage."
  • About 77% of firms in Massachusetts only offered one type of health plan in 2018.


  • The most wanted employee benefits and incentives by US employees are health insurance (88%), "flexible work schedule (88%), paid time off (80%), bonuses (77%), dental insurance (71%), compressed work week (66% ), telecommuting (55%), retirement savings plan (48% ), Profit sharing plan (49% ), and sign on bonus (49%)."
  • The most offered employee benefits and incentives by US employers are:
    • "Health insurance: 69%
    • Paid time off: 67%
    • Flexible work schedule: 62%
    • Bonus: 44%
    • Retirement savings plan: 42%
    • Dental insurance: 37%
    • Profit sharing plan: 33%
    • Sign on bonus: 19%
    • Compressed work week: 17%
    • Telecommuting: 14%"


  • There is little to no information on the most wanted and the most offered employee benefits in Boston.
  • Our initial research did not offer any results on relevant employee benefits statistics for Boston-based employers and employees.

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