Research Outline

Employee Capability


To identify research that proves that employees who have greater capability and experience deliver greater organizational value. For this project, "capability," is a multi-dimensional concept with dimensions describing EQ, seniority, experience, earnings; while "organizational value" is another multi-dimensional concept with dimensions describing productivity, revenue per employee, profit, and other comparable qualitative metrics.

Early Findings

The Impact of Employee Capabilities on Organizational Legitimate Interest

  • A statistical study, titled "The Impact of Employees Capabilities on Organizational Legitimate Interest," and published by the International Journal of Academic Research in Business & Social Sciences in 2018, "tried to identify the impact of organizational policies, employee’s capability, organizational behavior, and employee’s altruism on the organizational legitimate interest in the Pakistani textile sector.
  • 'Organizational policies' was defined as the policies that ensure "employee consistency with security conduct, reduced accidents, reduced workplace absence while promoting successful work role functioning."
  • 'Employee capabilities' was also measured and defined in terms of the creativity of employees due to both external and internal factors or more specifically, personal and organizational factors.
  • It defined "altruism as one of the better consistent individual resources that are associated with the involvement in helping behaviors." Furthermore, 'Employee Altruism' is now an increasing feature that affects organizations' recruitment, development, appraisal, and compensation strategies. This is another dimension of employee capabilities, as they are inherent traits of employees.
  • The research provides that by ensuring an organization's legitimate interest in good reporting, organizations leverage the process to create value and faith for their stakeholders.
  • The research showed that there was a significant, direct relationship between organizational policies, employee capability, and organizational behavior at the organizational level - "the greater the 'organizational policies,' behavior,' 'employees capability' traits, the greater the organizational legitimate interest" through which the organization can create value.


  • During our preliminary research, the research identified a statistical study that establishes the direct relationship between employee traits (multi-dimensional), such as capabilities, creativity, and altruism, and organizational value as a function of organizational legitimacy (multi-dimensional). Also, while the variables do not precisely match with those requested, they seem to be applicable based on the broader goals of the project. Hence, because the research is challenging and the information apparently limited, any further venture into this research path would need to have this flexibility to increase the chances of hitting any relevant results.
  • The preliminary research was conducted with a global focus; however, identifying more studies and/or research reports on measuring/proving that employees with greater capability and experience deliver greater organizational value will be challenging. Furthermore, adopting a multi-dimensional concept for employee capability and organizational value will make it even more challenging.