Research Proposal

Employment Value Proposition Trends


To identify trends related to the communication of the employment value proposition (EVP) to employees and examples of companies that are driving such trends.

Early Findings

Localized EVP

  • The process of localizing Employement Value Proposition (EVP) involves promoting targeted employee experience as per the geographic location or role, while keeping the core EVP same across the organization.
  • One of the best examples of localized EVP is a personalized job advertisement. A slight revision to the job description copy, in such a way that it feels like directly from your organization’s local team, and not just a global description, can make a huge difference.
  • For instance, opportunities to speak at conferences or to conduct some independent research might pique the interest of senior or mid-level software developers.
  • This job posting by Hubspot on Instagram highlights that they won the “best place to work” award. They included a call to action and invited interested candidates to apply for their open job positions through the same post.
  • Verizon posted a coded Instagram job advertisement for software developer. They used a graphic to pose a challenge for their target audience in a playful and daring way.

Employees As Brand Ambassadors

  • If a company has truly succeeded in creating an environment where employees feel valued, existing employees will be excited to share your EVP in person and on social media in a manner that feels unique, personal, and trustworthy to those around them.
  • This can lead directly to high quality candidate referrals (especially if you have a referral bonus or incentive system in place).
  • Using your employees to tell their story is more compelling and authentic than a “we’re hiring” post. This video by Employement Hero revolves around employees talking about their role and company culture.
  • Employee testimonial job advertisement like this job posting by Disney shares its employees' testimonials and simply adds a call to action in a form of an invitation to apply.

Summary Of the Early Findings

  • Through our initial hour of research, we identified two major trends in EVP communication and some examples of companies who are using such a communication strategy successfully.
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