Identify some best practices and psychological techniques on how best to elicit the feeling of empowerment in people. This is to help design experiences that make people feel empowered.

Early Findings

  • Setting attainable goals and accomplishing such goals has been described as a key tool towards making a person feel empowered. The feeling of empowerment is invoked when a person believes they can achieve certain goals. The journal went further to state feeling empowered must involve real-world evidence of the person's ability to have an impact on their relationships and social surroundings.
  • According to a study by HBR, delegating or trusting people with critical responsibilities is another proven method of making such people feel empowered. The research went on to conclude that granting a person a greater sense of autonomy or control regarding certain tasks helps them feel confident in their ability to execute such tasks.
  • Encouraging democratic decision processes has also been identified as a method for invoking the feeling of empowerment. According to this study, the feeling of empowerment can be greatly increased if participating members are allowed to elect, remove and make changes to the existing structure.

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