Encrypted Flash Drive US Market Size


In order to inform entry into the flash drive market, determine the current (2018/2019) US market size for USB flash drives with data encryption. If that is not available, provide the percent of the total USB flash market in the US made up by encrypted drives. Additionally, provide the market size in 2017 and the projected market growth to 2022.

Early Findings

  • We began by attempting to identify a pre-compiled market size for encrypted flash drives in the US. While we found may reports that directly answer this question, they were behind paywalls and therefore unavailable.
  • We first tried to identify the global market size of the encrypted USB flash drive market and then the percentage of encrypted USB flash drives that are sold in the US. We were only able to determine that the global USB flash drive market (non-encrypted) from 2011 was valued at $300 million, however, this data was too old to be useful.
  • We then tried identifying the US market size for USB flash drives and the percentage of the USB flash drives sold within the US that are encrypted. Unfortunately, we ere unable to determine either of these numbers.
  • We were able to determine that the global market size for USB 3.0 flash drives was US $1,123.9 million in 2015, expected to grow at a rate of 23.5% to US $3,115.6 million by the end of 2020. We attempted to determine the US share of this market, thinking we could use that as a proxy for the US share of the global flash drive market, however, we were unable to identify this information.
  • We determined that the global flash memory market was worth $51.67 billion in 2017, and was estimated to be $56.76 billion in 2018 and reach $64.24 billion by 2021. However, we were unable to determine the percentage of the flash memory market made up of USB memory drives, nor were we able to find the US portion or the encrypted portion.
Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from TechNavio for an additional $345.00. This research includes the global market size for USB flash drives from 2016-2021.

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