Engagement and Bridal Jewelry Industry (US)


To find the market size for the engagement and bridal jewelry industry in the US.

Early Findings

  • 26% of diamond sales are in the bridal jewelry category.
  • The percent of US brides receiving a diamond has been dropping since 1990. It is now only around 70%.
  • All bridal and wedding jewelry (like wedding bands, gifts and engagement rings) make up around 18-25% of total US jewelry sales.
  • US jewelry sales in 2014 were $68.8 billion, with 1.5% YOY growth. This means in 2019, the industry would be worth around $74.1 billion. 18-25% of this is $13.3 billion - $18.5 billion
  • Diamond Shades calculated the average market size for marriage jewelry to be $9.8 billion. These figures appear to be from around 2014, which when annual growth is applied, fits broadly in the calculations above.
  • In lieu of confirmed market size figures that sit behind paywalls, it is reasonable to conclude the average market size for the US bridal jewelry segment is around $15.9 billion.
  • The US retail jewelry industry is suffering.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research calculated the best available market size for US bridal jewelry (which covers engagement jewelry as well). Therefore, we propose continuing our industry research by 1) Identifying the biggest players in the US bridal jewelry market and 2) Identifying new entrants to the US bridal jewelry market and how they are impacting the competition.
Alternatively, we could research the projected future growth for the US bridal jewelry industry and how it is being impacted by various trends such as a decline in weddings, a decline in wedding bands and the shift away from diamond engagement rings.