Research Outline

Engagement and Bridal Jewelry Industry (US)


To find the market size for the engagement and bridal jewelry industry in the US.

Early Findings

  • 26% of diamond sales are in the bridal jewelry category.
  • The percent of US brides receiving a diamond has been dropping since 1990. It is now only around 70%.
  • All bridal and wedding jewelry (like wedding bands, gifts and engagement rings) make up around 18-25% of total US jewelry sales.
  • US jewelry sales in 2014 were $68.8 billion, with 1.5% YOY growth. This means in 2019, the industry would be worth around $74.1 billion. 18-25% of this is $13.3 billion - $18.5 billion
  • Diamond Shades calculated the average market size for marriage jewelry to be $9.8 billion. These figures appear to be from around 2014, which when annual growth is applied, fits broadly in the calculations above.
  • In lieu of confirmed market size figures that sit behind paywalls, it is reasonable to conclude the average market size for the US bridal jewelry segment is around $15.9 billion.
  • The US retail jewelry industry is suffering.