Most innovative marketing campaigns


Determine the most engaging and innovative marketing campaigns over the past 10 years.

Early Findings

Innovative Marketing Campaign

  • As part of a Make-a-Wish campaign, thousands of San Francisco residents transformed San Francisco to look like Gotham City.
  • This is part of the wish of a boy with leukemia named Miles Scott.
  • The boy adores superheroes and has a strong preference for Batman.
  • The special day kicked off with ABC7 News anchor Ama Daetz informing BatKid (Miles) that there was trouble somewhere in the city.
  • Miles then rode in a Lamborghini that was made to look like a Batmobile to assist a damsel in distress who was bound to a cable car track.
  • He also caught the Riddler inside a bank vault and was made to run after the Penguin around the AT&T park to rescue the city's giant mascot.
  • Miles was then awarded the key to the city and was given other special awards from the city's mayor and police officers.
  • The campaign was a hit in several platforms such as print and digital.
Summary of Findings:
Our initial research provided an example of an engaging and innovative marketing campaign.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose to continue with the research to provide 8-10 examples of the most engaging and innovative marketing campaigns over the past 10 years. We will choose those campaigns that positively stunned audiences, surprised them, swept them away, made an impact based on comments from three or more sources. We will focus on the most innovative ones: those that did something odd or outrageous and started a wave or a mass response. We will provide the details of the campaign, impact, what made it the most innovative.
We also propose continuing the research to provide 2-3 best practices when launching innovative campaigns. For each best practice, we will explain what the practice is, why is it a best practice, and any available success metrics.