Most innovative marketing campaigns


Determine the most engaging and innovative marketing campaigns over the past 10 years.

Early Findings

Innovative Marketing Campaign

  • As part of a Make-a-Wish campaign, thousands of San Francisco residents transformed San Francisco to look like Gotham City.
  • This is part of the wish of a boy with leukemia named Miles Scott.
  • The boy adores superheroes and has a strong preference for Batman.
  • The special day kicked off with ABC7 News anchor Ama Daetz informing BatKid (Miles) that there was trouble somewhere in the city.
  • Miles then rode in a Lamborghini that was made to look like a Batmobile to assist a damsel in distress who was bound to a cable car track.
  • He also caught the Riddler inside a bank vault and was made to run after the Penguin around the AT&T park to rescue the city's giant mascot.
  • Miles was then awarded the key to the city and was given other special awards from the city's mayor and police officers.
  • The campaign was a hit in several platforms such as print and digital.
Summary of Findings:
Our initial research provided an example of an engaging and innovative marketing campaign.

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