Engaging Users - Consumer Focused Blogs


Data supporting the hypothesis that consumer-focused blogs written by businesses are effective at driving engagement and traffic, and leads to increased sales

Early Findings

One source revealed that 61% of all US consumers have made an online purchase based on a blog recommendation.

It was noted that 36% of Fortune 500 companies have a consumer facing blog.

Additionally, 60% of marketers ranked blog content creation as the highest inbound marketing priority.

Of all bloggers who maintain business blogs, 71% of bloggers reported increasing their visibility within their specific industry.

Website visitors increased on average by 55% for companies that blog.

Specifically, small businesses that have a blog were noted to generate 126% more lead growth than those without a blog.

Another source noted that the average company of any size with a blog generates 97% more inbound links than those without a blog.

69% of businesses surveyed attribute much of their lead generation success to their having a blog.

It was also estimated that marketers who prioritize blogging have on average, a 13 times more positive ROI than those who focus on other content.

85% of B2C marketers noted using a blog or other related content marketing to generate traffic.

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