Startup Engineering Salaries


To find information on startup engineering salaries in the Bay Area/San Mateo/San Francisco. Information to be looked for will include market compensation by startups in terms of cash + equity or just cash. Research findings will be presented on the attached spreadsheet.

Early Findings

  • According to the Salary website, the average salary of a machine learning engineer in San Francisco, CA is $146,559 and the salary range typically falls between $132,658 and $162,677.
  • In reference to Glassdoor data, the average salary of an embedded software engineer in San Francisco, CA is $107,015.
  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a backend engineer in San Francisco, CA is $124,164.
  • Indeed estimates the salary of RF networking engineers to be $116,078. However, Glassdoor estimates the base salary of these engineers to be $71,841.
  • Glassdoor estimates that robotics engineers earn a salary of $113,463 per year while the salary of business development engineers is estimated by Glassdoor to be $73,365. The Salary website estimates that business development engineers earn an annual salary of $88,019

Summary of Findings

  • Preliminary research pointed to the availability of the target information. Research was able to find information on the average salaries of all the provided executives.
  • Consequently, we recommend more research to factor in the additional details provided such as salary for startups, years of experience, and educational background so as to see whether the salary information presented above will remain the same.

Proposed next steps:

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