Employer Branding; Best Practices


To get a list of best practices for creating, maintaining, and enhancing an employer brand. This piece of research will help a client in enhancing their employer brand and attract new sales and marketing employees.

Early Findings

Our first round of research unveiled the following information:


  • "In recent years, with the rise of digital media, the importance of creating, maintaining and sustaining a stellar employer brand has increased significantly; It is now vital for companies to showcase an authentic employer brand, in order to attract and retain top talent."
  • "Employer branding is essentially managing the company’s reputation and leveraging authentic and consistent value proposition messaging."

Companies that are Leading the Employer Branding Space

  • Notable employer branding campaigns from some of the most successful companies in the world include "The GE series of Commercials" by General Electric, Google's employer branding campaign, Heineken's "GO PLACES" campaign, and several others.
  • Some of the essences that can be taken from these successful campaigns are being clear with the brand message and communicating an appealing brand statement, understanding the exact target audience, and utilizing the correct communication channels for marketing the brand image as an ideal employer.

Core Focus Areas; Employer Branding

  • A company needs to be very vigilant about its competitors and their employer brand image because that will decide the odds of getting the best talent in the industry.
  • As described in a recent Forbes article, "branding the workspace is the first step, followed by creating more engaging job descriptions, and implementing a new HR technology. This strategy will turn out better by showcasing the work culture through social channels to reel in the best talent."
  • "Top Brand companies involve more departments and other groups in promoting the employer brand."
  • "If the organization lacks an experienced strategist or influencer who can bring teams together to craft an effective employer brand, then it is advisable to engage someone who can bring these messages to fruition."
  • "To leverage the employer brand, social media must be a major part of the overall strategy. LinkedIn is the most commonly used online social networking site among respondents (77.9%)."

Common Best Practices

  • The employer brand of a company needs to complement its overall business strategy and philosophy. The overall employer branding strategy needs to consistent, transparent and visible to the targeted talent pool.
  • Constant monitoring of the process is necessary in order to calculate the immediate results and also for any expected changes that should be made to the strategy.
  • The brand needs to craft an effective employer brand strategy, the core components of which include the differentiators, the positioning statement, and the employer brand promotional plan.
  • The launch is very crucial; "an employer brand launch is a firm-wide effort that involves recruiting, human resources, marketing, and senior management, and a compelling employer brand must reflect the real firm, not a contrived fantasy."

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